Welcome to your Customer Portal


To access your customer portal, go the to client area at: https://billing.create.com/


To login, you will need the email address and the password you chose during signup. If for any reason you forget your password, you can click “Forgot?” At the Login page and have your password reset.


Once you are in your client Dashboard, you have the option to view your hosting services, domains registered through Create.com, and any unpaid invoices. You can click “Edit Account Details” to change your name, email, or address. You can also update your payment methods and see an email history of all emails we sent you.  On the left-hand side of the Client Dashboard, you have the option to select “Dashboard” to be returned to this starting page at any time.




The Hosting tab will display all of your hosting packages that you have with us. You are able to automatically login directly to your cPanel from here, and there is a Manage button that will give you more options for each hosting package.  The image below shows the actions that you can take on this page.  For more details go to this article: (Please add the link for Customer Portal - Manage Hosting)




The Wordpress tab allows you to manage the Wordpress hosting package.  The image below shows the management area for Wordpress packages. There is a quick button to login automatically to Wordpress called Login to Wordpress for each site on your Wordpress hosting package. There is also a Manage button that will provide more tools to manage your site.  For more information on that feature, check out this article: (Insert article: Customer Portal: Wordpress Hosting)




The Domains tabs allows you manage your domains that have been purchased and registered through Create.com. You are able to turn off the auto-renew, change nameservers, change the contact information and more. You are also able to register new domains and transfer domains to your account with us. For more details read these articles:

Register Domain

Transfer Domain






This is where you are can see all of the invoices for our services  You are able to click on any of the invoice to see more information of the invoice for example the payment method, the name of service and a download option. For more information read this article My Invoices





This page allows to order more products to your account. 



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