Creating a Staging Site for Shared/Reseller Packages

One of the newest updated features of the cPanel is the ability to create a new staging site. This new feature is possible by way of the Softaculous marketplace in the cPanel. Being able to create a staging site will allow you to easily make site changes, updates, or even revamp your entire site at your own pace. A staging site is simply put, a clone of your live website that enables you to test new changes or add new features in a secure environment.

To start the process of creating a staging site for any of the Softaculous installs, first log into the cPanel. Once your logged in you want to scroll down to the Software section of icons and then click on the Softaculous Apps Installer icon.


This area will display all current installations done in the Softaculous marketplace. So unless you've done a manual installation, all of your installs such as wordress, joomla, etc. can all be managed on this page. To proceed with the staging site you'll locate the Create Staging icon which is highlighted below in the red circle.


After selecting the Create Staging icon for the intended domain, you should now see the staging site installation page. Here you will only need to fill in a couple of options to begin your installation. The first step is to double check and make sure your domain is correct. If you happen to have selected the wrong domain, you can click on the Choose Domain icon to select the correct one.

The next step is to fill out the In Directory field. This will create the sub folder that the staging site files will be created in and the name can be whatever you like.

Lastly create a site name. This as well can be whatever you like, or you can leave this spot blank to keep the staging name the same as the source site.


Once everything is filled out correctly and you've clicked Create Staging, the installation will complete and give you the site URL and administrative URL. Now you can login and work on your site at your own pace while your active site stays up with no interruptions or downtime. When you have completed all of the changes you've made to your site, you can publish the staging site by accessing the Softaculous Apps Installer icon located in the cPanel (as shown above). Your staging site will be listed with the rest of the the installations and the Push to Live icon will now be available.


Now your site is new and improved! If your ever need to make any changes in the future this staging site can remain here as your means to safely make updates to your site. You'll also notice you have the option to clone, backup and delete any of the installations you have installed through Softaculous under the Options icons as well. If the site you need to make changes to was not installed through Softaculous or was a manual installation, its always recommended to making a backup of your content by using the Acronis Backup system also located in the cpanel.


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