WHM (Web Host Manager) is a control dashboard that gives users the ability to manage multiple cPanel-based sites. This feature is provided to all of our Reseller hosting packages. In this article we are going go over some of the features of WHM. 


You can access WHM through your billing portal, or if your domain is correctly pointed to your server using the correct DNS records, you can also use domain.com/whm (PLEASE NOTE: you would need to use your actual domain in place of domain.com). The image below shows the opening screen you will see when logging into WHM. On the left you have a search tool that will help you find all available options. Under that, you will see all of the features that WHM offers and we will be going over just a few of these that are most commonly used by Resellers.




Security Center

This section is to help set up a two factor authentication for your customers cPanel login page.



Account Information

On this section you are able to view all of the accounts that you are hosting and to see their bandwidth usage. If you click on List Accounts it will take you to the main list of your customers, and you are able to log into the cPanel, change their password, suspend the account, and terminate account.



Account Functions

Under this section you able to create a new cPanel account and set up limits. You are also able to change password for a customer's cPanel, upgrade/downgrade accounts, and manage the suspended accounts.



Add a Package

In this section you are able to create, modify, and delete packages. Packages are pre-configured settings that you can establish for new cPanels that are created.. Some examples of the settings that can be defined within a package are disk space, max domains, and email accounts. 



DNS Functions

This section allows you to manage the DNS of all domains under your reseller account without having to log into your client's cPanel.


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