Temporary URL / Proxy URL - How to view my site before DNS is pointed?

Proxy URL / Temporary URL 

How to View a Domain on Create.com's servers before DNS is Pointed

Did you recently move some data to Create.com, but you would like to view the website before changing your DNS or nameservers to point to us?


We have a Proxy URL / Temporary URL available for any domains or addon domains that are added to your cPanel.

To view your site with our temporary URL, you would enter the URL like this: https://domain_com_cPanel_IP_Address.workshop.theinternet.host.

For instance, if your domain is mydomain.com on cPanel IP:, you can view your website at:


To view your cPanel IP, login to cPanel and view the Shared IP Address on the right-hand side of the window.



In the example above, with the domain mytestdomain.com and cPanel IP address:, the domain can be loaded with the proxy URL:



You can use this Proxy URL format for any domains or addon domains, as long as they are added in your cPanel. This tool is available so that you can view any domain name before DNS is pointed, or before you have purchased a new domain.


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