Basics of MX Record

A mail exchanger record (MX Record) is an DNS record that specifies the mail server responsible for accepting all email messages on behalf of the domain name. With out having the correct MX record anyone who sends emails to your domain emails address will receive a bounce back message. automatically defaults all MX records to point to our mail server which will read as but will be replaced with your domain name. This allows our customer to start receiving emails as soon as they create their domain email accounts. 


If you need to find the MX record to make changes to it you will need to log into your cPanel and scroll down to the DOMAINS sections then click on the Zone Editor. On the next page click on the MANAGE button.



The page that loads up will contain all of your DNS records and that includes the MX record. To the right hand side of the each dns record give your two options one to “EDIT” and the other to “DELETE” it.


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