White Labeling & Custom Branding for Reseller Hosting

White Labeling, or sometimes referenced as Private Labeling is when a product or service (i.e. your web hosting) removes the brand and logo from the end product and instead uses the branding requested by the purchaser. So in our case as a hosting company, we have removed all of the Create branding in the reseller cPanels to help promote white labeling and personal branding for our customers. This allows you to fully promote as your own company while reselling your hosting server to your own clients.

While Create does endorse white labeling, it only covers the customizing of your clients cPanel and does not include white labeled support. The create support team will always assist with any issues you or your client's websites may need, but it will always be as Create.com. As a reseller if you would like to keep your clients separate, we would suggest to create your own support email for your clients. This way your clients can always create a ticket to your brand, and then you can contact the Create.com support team to assist with anything you may need help with.

Customizing cPanel

To begin customizing your reseller and sub cPanels, you'll need to access your WHM. This can easily be done by logging into your customer billing portal. Once you have logged into your WHM, use the navigation menu to the left to locate the cPanel section as shown here:


Click on the Customization tab to open up your branding options. Once this page opens you'll have three different pages:

Customize Branding

The Customize Branding page will allow you to add your companies name, and support links as well as logos. It makes it convenient and simple  by only needing the URL of your companies Help and Documentation page, and a simple upload feature to add your logos.

Customize Style

The Customize Style page offers several variations of the cPanel. These are the preloaded theme options you have available to choose from:


Public Contact

As it sounds, this area is available to to add your companies contact information. Generally it can be difficult for a user or client to locate your contact information, this simplifies that by making it publicly available.


For more in depth information on how to customize the cPanel visit the cPanel Doc for Customization. Some features shown here may not be available for the Create.com reseller server.

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