Customer Portal - How to Register a New Domain

A Domain name is the address of your website that people type in the browser URL bar to visit your website. Here at, you can not only host and easily manage your content, but you can also search for and register as many domain names as you would like for competitive prices. If you are an existing customer, or you already have a hosting package with us, you can click on the Domains icon to the left of the billing portal. Once on the domains page, you'll click on the + Register button in the top right hand corner of the page (pictured below).




But, If you are just starting your hosting journey with us and would like to search for the perfect domain first, visit! Once on this page you'll see the search bar where you can look for any domain names you would like to register, and you will see the available TLDs (Top Level Domains) that are available. When searching, the system will tell you if the domain is available or if it's already registered. If for some reason the domain is already registered, the system will give you similar alternatives to the option you wanted.


When your domain is available to be registered you'll see this!


Once you have gone through the checkout process, your domain will be in the Domains tab we referenced at the beginning of the article.


We will also provide free Domain Privacy Protection for all domains registered through us. This feature protects the contact information of the domain from being seen by the public. This will help in stoping people from spoofing for your information. This feature can be found in the management section of the desired domain. 





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