Importing and Exporting Emails Through Webmail

We provide you the ability to import and export email though our email client roundcube and horde. In this article we will be showing you how to do this in both clients. Before we start just keep in mind that the file type for the import/export are Mboz and .eml, these are the only ones compatible to our webmail clients.  This process is also is done one folder at a time so if you import a file containing both your inbox and sent folder together all the email will be placed into what ever folder you are importing to.



To export and import your emails in roundcube first select the folder that you want to import/export then on the to tool bar there are some icons, look and click on the More this will drop down the option for you to import/export.




In horde to import/export you will need to right click on the folder that you will want to import/export your emails and it will provide the option to do so.


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