How to set up SMTP plugin for WordPress

SMTP, short for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, is a protocol used for sending and receiving emails. A WordPress SMTP plugin lets you use an alternative method for sending emails that has a much better deliverability. In simpler terms, a WordPress SMTP plugin helps you make sure people actually get the emails that your WordPress site sends to them.


There are different plugins to choose from that are related to SMTP. The most commonly used ones are wp mail smtp, easy wp smtp, gmail smtp, smtp mailer and wp mail bank.  All of these plugins have similar set up procedures.  We will be going over wp mail smtp below as a example on to set up a SMTP plugin. 


When you go into the SMTP plugin it will display the options you have to set up the email protocol that you will be using to send out email from your website.  The "From Email" field you will enter the email address you want the email to be sent from. The "Mailer" section is where you will select platform that your email will be sending out. 




SMTP settings

For this example we will go through the "Other SMTP" option since this will be used if you are using as a email provider. The other options are for other email providers that you may be using. The recommended setting below can be used for most smtp plugins. 

SMTP Host:  In this field you would enter or the cPanel IP address
Encryption: you will select SSL
SMTP Port: 465
Auto TLS: ON
Authentication: ON
SMTP Username: Email address are going to be sending from.
SMTP Password:  Email address password.



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