Email Filters

In cases where one of your email addresses is receiving spam and/or junk emails you have an option in your cPanel to set up filters so you will stop receiving these emails. There are two options listed in cPanel to assist you, and they are Email Filters and Global Email Filters. The difference of the two is that the email filters allows you to make filters for each individual email account while the global email filter makes the filter apply to all email accounts.

In this article we will show you how to set up a filter to stop spam from entering your inbox. Since both filters are set up in the same way, we will use Email Filters as the example to set up a email filter.

First you will need to log into your cPanel and scroll down to the Email section and click on there icon Email Filters.



The page that loads up will show you all of the email accounts that you have created in the cPanel and the default user email address. To the right of the email address you will click on Manage Filters.



The next page will display current filters and an option to test them. To create a filter you will need to click on the Create a New Filter button.


This is where you are able to create filters for your email account. First, give the new filter a name. Then set up the rules and actions for this filter. Rules are what tells the filter what too look for and the action tells it what to do with it.

In the image below the rule is to look for the 'from' field and to check what it contains then the blank space will be the key word to look in that area. You are able to specify other areas like subject, to, reply, body and more.  For the actions you the option to discard the message, redirect the message, fail the message with a respond and more. You have lots of option to customize the filter and you have the option to add more than one rule and action per filter.



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