Gmailfy is a google fetching tool that is an alternative to using the forwarding option in your cPanel. To learn more about forwarding please click on this link, Email Forwarders. 


Gmailify is also a free to use tool that pulls emails from the server using a POP3 connection. This mail fetcher allows you to download emails from up to five different email accounts. Once this is set up your google account will check those email accounts on a regulate basis so that any new emails will automatically appear in you gmail account.


You may be asking why to use this option instead of the forwarder that is in the cPanel, to put it simply when using a forwarder the email will now be sent through the server instead of the original source. This means if you mark a email that you received as spam it will think that our server was the one that sent it and moving forward it will limit the email it will receive from the forwarder. Using a forwarder will also cause all the email to go through our outbound email filter so you may not receive all of your email.



How to set up Gmailify 


1. Log into your gmail account.

2. Click on the gear icon on the top right hand sideScreen_Shot_2020-11-18_at_2.35.56_PM.png


3. Then click on See all Settings



4. Click on Accounts in the Setting tool bar.



5. Then click on Add a mail account that is under the accounts tab



6. A box will appear that you will need to enter your email address and click on Next.create.com_Mail_-_Add_a_mail_account.png


7. The next page will ask you to fill in the blank. Keep in mind that the default set up is a POP3 connection so it will download the emails off of the server so if you want to keep a copy on the server you will need to click on the option to do so. Then click on Add Account.Add_a_mail_account.png


8. Then it will give you a confirmation page as well asking if you want to send emails as your domain email address.



9. Now if you refresh the gmail page it will now show your domain email address where is say to check mail from other accounts.



10. That completes the set up for Gmailify, now any emails that your domain email account received you will receive it in your gmail account inbox.



Other Resources


The links below are external references to explain how to set up a mail fetcher for other services.




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