How to Setup and Install WHMCS in cPanel for Resellers

In order to install WHMCS you will need a valid license key. To purchase a license for WHMCS, you can go to:

NOTE: Keep in mind, that WHMCS can only connect to a server that has WHM, so you can only connect Reseller packages to WHMCS.   



Installing WHMCS

1. Login to cPanel

2. Click Softaculous Apps Installer under SOFTWARE:



3. Once in Softaculous, search and click on the button for WHMCS.


4. Click "Install Now" button to begin the WHMCS installation.



5. The next steps are pretty straightforward. Choose an Installation URL, which will default at https and your primary domain. Feel free to change these. The most import thing to enter here is a valid license key and setting an admin username and password you will be able to remember. In most cases you can just click Install at the bottom to start the installation.





Login to WHMCS

Go to login using the login details you set during your install.


What you see when you first login to WHMCS:


Click Next.


General: Enter Name, Email, Address, Country, Language then click Next.




Payments. Check Enable next to PayPal, Credit Card, or Mail in Payment then click Next. By default you have these options, but you can add more options later.



Domains: Choose whether you want to sell domains and at what price. By default you have these options, but you can add more options later.


You can always skip these steps or change these initial setup steps at any time. WHMCS has a lot of different features that we couldn't possibly cover in one guide. For more help with WHMCS, refer to the official WHMCS Documentation at:



Adding your cPanel/WHM Server

The following steps guide you through the process of adding a cPanel/WHM server in WHMCS.

  1. Login to your administrator account for WHMCS
  2. Click on blobid0.png toolbar icon in the top right corner and then click System Settings button. blobid2.png
  3. Click "Servers" and then "Add New Server" button. 
  4. Enter the server name (like, the IP address for your cPanel, and select the server type "cpanel" from the dropdown menu.
  5. Enter your WHM username for the username field.
  6. Log in to WHM and navigate to Development > Manage API Tokens, but keep WHMCS open in another tab.
  7. Click Generate Token in WHM
  8. Enter a name for your token, which can be any name you choose.
  9. Click Save and copy your API Token.
  10. Return to the WHMCS server configuration page and paste the API token you just created.
  11. All other fields are optional.
  12. Click Create Server to complete the process and then click "Save Changes" if prompted. Now any cPanels in your WHM will be added to your WHMCS. Your nameservers and other information will be imported from WHM. If you see "Server Added Successfully" then your server is now synced with WHMCS. blobid0.png
  13. From the server page, you can click "Login to WHM" to be brought into your WHM from WHMCS at any time. To access this page, go to:  or System Settings > Servers like you did above.
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