What is Domain Redemption?

What Happens When I Do Not Renew My Domain? 


Initially, you have a renewal grace period. This is 15 days that you receive as an opportunity to renew the domain at the regular renewal cost at no additional fees.


When you do not renew your domain name within the renewal grace period, the domain name may be placed on a HOLD status, and flagged for deletion. This is also known as the redemption period. Should this occur, you then have 30 days of domain redemption in which you may pay a fee of $125 + the domain's regular renewal price. Please contact support to get more details on the exact domain redemption fee you might need to pay.


If the domain has not be taken out of redemption by making a payment of the redemption fee + renewal, we may at our sole discretion, delete the domain name or transfer it to another registrant on your behalf.


With this said, it is very important to take care of domain renewals for domains you wish to keep as once this happens, the chances of you getting your domain registration back are not very likely in most cases.



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