How to Reset WordPress Admin Password

The method you will use to change your password will depend on whether you have a Shared/Reseller package or one of our WordPress Hosting packages. Though we recommend setting a secure password you will not forget, there are times when resetting the WordPress password is unavoidable. We have outlined a couple different options below.


Option #1 (Shared/Reseller) - Use phpMyAdmin

1. Login to cPanel and click phpMyAdmin in the DATABASES section.


2. On the left-hand side, click on your database to see the tables.


3. Click on the table ending in _users.


4. Locate the admin user for your site. In most cases the default admin user is named: admin. Click Edit to change the password.




5. Type your password under the column called user_pass and select MD5 from the drop down. Press Go to save your changes. You can  login to WordPress via and your password should be accepted.





Option #2 (Shared/Reseller) - Use Password Reset Link

1. Go to wp-admin URL for your website (usually

2. Click the link that says Lost your password?


3. Enter your email or WordPress admin username and then click Get New Password.


NOTE: This will only work if you have a working email setup to receive an email to reset your password. You will receive an email with instructions on how to reset your password.


Option #3 (Shared/Reseller) - Use Softaculous Installer

1. Login to cPanel and click on WordPress Manager by Softaculous.

2. If your current WordPress install is not showing on the Softaculous page, click Scan and then click Start scanning for installations on the next page.

3. Once your WordPress is in Softaculous, click Change Password.


4. Enter the username and password you are changing to and press Save to complete the password change. You can now login to WordPress with this new password.


Option #4 (WordPress Hosting) - Use Wordpress Dashboard

In most cases you shouldn't need to reset a password on your WordPress Hosting packages, and if you change your password you can always use Login to WordPress button in your billing account to login. But if you ever want to change the password used when accessing via the URL, we have included a couple easy steps.

1. Login to your billing portal at and click Wordpress.

2. Click the button that says Login to WordPress. You will be brought into the WordPress dashboard.


3. Click Users on the left-hand side. Then hover over the admin user (normally named admin) and click Edit.       


4. Near the bottom of the page, click Set New Password.


5. Enter the password below and click Update Profile. You can now access WordPress via using the password you just set. 


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