Remote MySQL Access in cPanel

Note: It is often not recommended to allow access to MySQL remotely for security reasons. In most cases you should use PhpMyAdmin in your cPanel to access MySQL.   
Adding Access for your IP

1. Login to cPanel

2. Click Remote MySQL in the DATABASES section.


3. In the Host text box under Add Access Host, enter the IP of the computer you want to have remote access. Additionally, you can include an optional comment which will describe the entity you are trying to add.


4. Click Add Host.




Accessing Remote Database with a MySQL Program

To connect to MySQL remotely, you should use a program like MySQL Workbench or Sequel Pro. Just about any MySQL program that allows remote connections will work.

Here is the information you will usually need to connect to MySQL:
Hostname: Your cPanel IP or, where is your domain name

Port: 3306 

Username: Either your cPanel username or the MySQL database username
Password: The password that corresponds with the username you chose above.

Schema: The name of the database you want to access.



Removing Remote MySQL Access

If you later decide to remove access to an IP, you can go back to Remote MySQL in your cPanel at any time to delete the IP. Just click the Delete button under Manage Access Hosts




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