DNS Zone Editor- How to Edit


The DNS Zone is the interface that allows you to make specific changes to the DNS of a domain that is actively being hosted on your server. To access the DNS Zone Editor, you first need to be logged into the cPanel of your hosting package. Once you're logged into your cPanel you will locate the DOMAINS section of icons were the Zone Editor icon is:




After selecting the Zone Editor you'll have access to edit any domain or subdomain that is hosted on your server. Each domain will be displayed with the option to immediately edit the A Record, CNAME Record or MX Record. 




If you would like to just make a quick edit to add one of the records shown, you only need to click the corresponding link. For example, if you would like to add an A Record select the button that shows as "+ A Record". You will add in the record as needed and the associated IP address:



After you have verified and entered in the information needed select the Add An A Record to save your changes.


Manage Zone

Once you have selected the Manage button to view the entire DNS zone, you will have the option to also edit and delete any record needed. It is highly recommended to only edit or remove DNS records if you are absolutely certain that it is the correct option to make as any change in the DNS zone will temporarily take down your site to propagate the new record. This applies to any change made to the DNS zone, and for more detailed information please review the available article on Propagation.




 Click Edit next to a record to change the Name or Record (refers to IP Address). Click Delete to remove a record. You will be prompted to make sure you are certain you want to remove any records.



NOTE: DNS changes in cPanel will only work if your domain is pointed to Create.com nameservers.

For a more detailed explanation on each individual record, please review the available article on the Basics of DNS

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