IMAP vs POP3 : Which should I use?

IMAP and POP3 have their pros and cons as there is no direct way to get both without affecting the other. If you are using IMAP and would like a group of people to see the same emails, this would be the best option as the email would be on the server for all to download and see. The problem is if one person deletes an email, everyone loses the email as it is in sync with the server.

In POP3, the email is downloaded and the copy on the server is removed. If the email application you are using allows to save to server, then POP3 would be better. POP3 is good for being able to have one user download the emails and back them up while allowing access to the email through another system. 

For smaller companies that emails are not required to be shared in the same department, using IMAP would be the better option as emails would be on the server and on the downloading device. This will allow emails to be recovered should the device be lost, stolen, or damaged. 

You will need to evaluate the needs of your email and effectively decide if IMAP or POP3 would be better for you. 


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