How Do I Make A Strong Password?

The Perfect Password should be simply for you to remember, but not simple enough that a malicious individual can guess it. Keep in mind that malicious programs also exist that will make attempts to guess your password with lightning fast speed.

You should avoid passwords that contain:

  • Dictionary words e.g. cheesecake542
  • Deliberate misspelling of words e.g. cheesekake21
  • Using silent characters e.g. Ch2eese1Cake
  • Personal Information e.g. your name, birth date, phone numbers, or even family member's names

How Can I Make A Strong Password That I Can Remember?

  • One method you can use to create a strong password, would be to take for example lyrics from your favorite song/quote: "The stars at night, are big and bright, Deep in the heart of Texas!"
    • You can take the first letter of each word in the sentence, and add a few random characters or symbols. Example: T$@nababD1thoT
  • Another method that you can utilize is to use two unrelated words, combine them together, and add a few random letters/numbers/symbols.

Is There A Way That I Can Test The Strength of My Password?

For more information on third party password management,  please check out this helpful resource:
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