What is Shared Hosting?

The Shared hosting plan is a type of service where one physical server is hosting multiple websites. The server’s resources are allocated to its many users, so there is a low cost for using this type of hosting. This is the most affordable way of hosting a website for small businesses, especially if it is their first time launching their page online. It allows them to make their online presence without too much hassle on server configuration. As your hosting provider we will manage your shared server for you, so you can focus on your business and your website’s contents.


What Are the Features of Shared Hosting?


  • Low cost. Since multiple users share the resources, the operating costs are divided among them, making Shared Hosting the most affordable type of hosting. 
  • Beginner-friendly. This type of hosting is suited for new people to hosting who wish to build their online presence but have limited knowledge or technical expertise with server maintenance.
  • Economical and practical. With shared hosting, you get to host unlimited websites on the same server as long as you comply with our Terms of Service.
  • Easy to Upgrade. If your website gets more traffic and needs more resources, you can upgrade to our next-level hosting anytime.


  • Limited Resources. Due to the nature of how shared hosting works and with resources being distributed among multiple users in one server, websites that require intensive function and customization may experience poor performance.
  • Traffic. The shared hosting’s limited resources can handle low to medium traffic. A sudden high influx or too much traffic may result in your website crashing or experiencing slow loading time. This can be improved on by using caching and/or a CDN such as CloudFlare.
  • Inability to configure your server. This type of server does not have root access and supports limited custom installations.
  • No root access. A shared server being used by multiple users does not provide root access to its users.
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