What Is Traceroute?


Traceroute is an application that allows you to trace the connection of one device to another. Within a traceroute, you can see the hops (each IP that the data passes through) that have been made to reach the destination server (your site). This is perfect for troubleshooting issues that seem to only occur with a specific computer, tablet, phone, network.


How Can I Run A Traceroute?

Both windows and Mac devices can run a traceroute without the need to install any additional software:

The Output of A Traceroute

Hop Domain Name[IP Address] RTT1 RTT2 RTT3  

In the above example, it took 11 total hops to reach Google.com.

What Would I Look For In A Traceroute?

Things that indicate an issue in a traceroute include:

  • Large latency (high ms) in the first couple of hops
  • Latency that increases consistently towards the destination server
  • Seeing multiple * (timeouts) in a Round-Trip Time Column
    • Indicates that the sent packet didn't receive a response, the response was lost, or was denied.

* Please do not hesitate to contact our Live Support if you are unable to determine the issue as we will be more than happy to help!


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