How Do I Optimize My Joomla Site?

Joomla Optimization


As with any CMS, Joomla requires optimization to perform its absolute best as well as reduce CPU usage of the domain. Below, we have a few suggestions to help with optimization of this software. However, in the event that you are still facing excessive CPU usage, you may wish to work with your developer directly to fine tune the installation. 


Properly Configured Caching is highly suggested on any Content Management System. Joomla offers two types of caching options available via System >> Global Configuration >> System Tab:


  1. Progressive Caching - This setting ensures that the same cached content is seen by all visitors.
  2. Conservative Caching (Recommended)- This setting caches content for each visitor.


Joomla offers GZIP Page Compression through it's settings. To enable Gzip Compression, you would go to System >> Global Configuration >> Server Tab


Remove Extensions That Are Not Being Used

Having too many extensions or poorly optimized will increase the system resources required by your site. This in turn affects how fast your site loads. We recommend ONLY having the extensions that are required for your Joomla site's functionality installed, and sticking with highly rated/reviewed extensions to ensure your site's visitors have the absolute best experience.




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