What Do These FTP Socket Errors Mean?

What is an FTP Socket?

FTP works by having 2 socket connections between the FTP client and the server that you are working with.

One of these connections is a control connection: This is where text commands are sent back and forth.

The second connection is the data connection. This is how the actual data is sent on the connection.


I Received An FTP Socket Error... What Does This Mean?

Common FTP Socket Errors:

  • 110011 - Host not Found.
    • You will want to check to ensure that the IP address or Hostname was entered correctly.
  • 11004 - Valid name, no data record of the requested type.
    • Typically, this indicates that the FTP server not has not been specified, or not correct.
      • It is also possible that the connection is blocked by a firewall.
  • 10061 - Connection refused.
    • The hostname/IP is correct, but the FTP server is not listening on the FTP port, the FTP server is not running, or there is an issue with the firewall
  • 10093 - Connection failed.
    • This can happen when the FTP server is no longer connected to the nework or has gone down.

  • 10039 - Destination address required.
    • This can also be related to the firewall blocking the connection. However, there may be a problem obtaining the the IP address for the hostname. If you have entered an IP Address, try entering the server/domain name (server.domain.com).
  • 10052 - Network dropped connection on reset.
    • This typically indicates that the host that you were connected to rebooted or crashed.
  • 10054 - Connection reset by peer.
    • The existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host. This occurs usually if the remote network was somehow disabled, the host is rebooted, or the peer application on the remote host is suddenly stopped.
  • 10022 - Invalid argument.
    • An invalid argument was somehow supplied. This also refers to the current state of the socket (the socket is not listening). It also can mean that a firewall running on the client or host machine is blocking the data transmission

I am Experiencing a Different Error Than Those Listed Above..

We first suggest utilizing a different FTP Client. However, in the event that the socket error is not listed above, you can reference the article located at: Windows Socket Error Codes 




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