Registering Private Nameservers for Resellers

NOTE: Private nameservers are only available for Reseller packages.


The default nameservers for Reseller accounts are: and, but if you want specific nameservers to provide to a customer/client, it is very easy to setup custom private nameservers with a registered domain and a Reseller package.  There are two places you'll need to make changes. These are your WHM, and the registrar that is hosting your domain. In this article, we'll discuss the changes in WHM, as well as the domain client portal.



Step 1.  Find IP for cPanel: in WHM:List Accounts > Next to domain: IP Address.







Step 2. Edit a DNS Zone or DNS Zone Manager (NOTE: The 'Edit DNS Zone' option will be deprecated in future versions of cPanel/WHM) for



Step 3. Once inside the DNS Zone Manager, select the domain you wish to create private name servers for, and select the MANAGE button.



Step 4. Locate the name servers that are currently set for your domain, and then select the EDIT button.




Step 5. As shown in the next image, you will change the name to the name server you are wanting to use, and make sure to assign it as an A record with the following IPs: with an IP of with an IP of





Customer Portal: 

NOTE: These steps are only for domains registered through Please contact your domain registrar to determine the proper steps for registering the private nameservers we setup in WHM.


Now that we have set up the private name servers in WHM, you have to go into your customer portal portal to set up the private name servers for that domain name. 


Step 1. Log into your billing account and click on Domains on the left tool bar. 



Step 2. To the far right of the domain that we are setting up the private name server click on Manage



Step 3.  On the left column click on the option that says Private Nameservers


Step 4. On this page you will need to enter ns1 in the box that ask for the nameserver, and the IP address in the second one then click save. You will do the same for the ns2 nameserver. A message will let you know that the nameservers have been registered. 





Step 5. Now you are able to add these private nameservers to any domain name and it will point to your reseller. Bellow are instructions that shows you how to do this in the customer portal. 

  • Go to Manage of the domain name and click on Nameservers 


  • Select the option to use custom nameserver and enter the private nameservers.


  • Click Change Nameservers to save the new name servers. 





New Accounts 

If you'd like to setup any newly created accounts from the WHM to always point to these custom nameservers:

In your WHM Navigate to: Server Configuration, then Basic WebHost Manager® Setup, then Explicitly Set the Nameservers, and finally set, Click Save Changes.





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