Getting Started With cPanel WordPress Hosting

Congratulations on your new WordPress hosting account. You should have received a Welcome Email containing your account-specific instructions. This page exists to provide further information and answer any initial questions you may have with your new hosting account. 


Let's go over the Wordpress hosting dashboard since its very encompassing with analytics and tools that you are able to use directly from the customer portal. After clicking the Wordpress icon on the left of your portal you'll be brought to the overall hosting page showing all of the current Wordpress installations as well as your package usage data.


Once you click Manage on the desired installation, the administrative tools will populate to allow you to edit, customize or review site analytics.

  • The Overview tab gives you general information on the size of the site contents, website details and visitor usage.Screen_Shot_2020-11-10_at_7.15.30_PM.png


  • Cache Settings allows you to update your cache type, which by default will be set to Warp Speed (A feature specific to Wordpress Hosting). You can also clear the regular Wordpress cache or the integrated Cloudflare cache as well.Screen_Shot_2021-04-06_at_1.23.28_PM.png


  • The Plugins tab gives you direct access to activate, disable, or delete any plugin which is convenient in the case that you don't have access to your actual Wordpress dashboard.Screen_Shot_2021-04-06_at_1.24.46_PM.png


  • The Themes tab also allows you to activate, disable or delete any theme installed. If you want to search for new themes you will need to login directly to your dashboard.



  • The Updates tab gives you the option to set your plugins, themes, and site software to automatically update for any available major updates as they come available.



  • Staging is a new exciting feature that allows you to create a safe environment in which to work on your website. This will duplicate your live site or existing Wordpress installation and allow you to safely make changes which you can then publish back to your live site.



  • The Security tab is linked directly to Imunify 360, which allows you to scan your site content at anytime for malicious files. You also can enable the free SSL security certificate here for the associated domain.



  • Usage & Analytics gives you an in-depth view at your sites performance and resource usage as well  as your site visitor requests and bandwidth usage.


  • The Backups tab allows you to manually make a backup at anytime and do a restore from the backups. Please note that these backups only contain the database information and does not have any of the WordPress core files/folders. 


  • cPanel Tools is a list of shortcuts linked directly to the cPanel that gives you access to more administrative tools.


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