How to install WordPress on a WordPress hosting package

To start building your website on a WordPress hosting package first you would need to log into your billing account at From here on the left tool bar click on WordPress option. This will load a page that will display any sites that you have under the WordPress hosting with the over all usage percentage.



To start the install of the WordPress you will click on the “+ Add Site” button that is located on the top right side. This will give you a pop up asking to fill in the requested information but it is no required so you are able to create the site as is.  There is also two options for the domain that you can select; auto generate domain and use your own domain name. If you select the first one it will generate a subdomain under that you can still build a site on and use. The other option you can enter the domain name that you want the site to be under. If you select the second option and don’t enter a domain name it will automatically create a subdomain similar to the first option.    



Once you have click on “Submit” it will start the process of installing the WordPress with the details that was provided. When the installation finishes it will take you to a manage page that site. From here you are able to click on “Login to WordPress” to have it auto log you into the dashboard and start building your site.



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