Getting Started With cPanel Shared Hosting

Congratulations on your new Shared hosting account! You should have received a Welcome Email containing your account-specific instructions. This page exists to provide further information and answer any initial questions you may have about your new hosting account. First, you should ensure your domain is properly configured to load content from your server. This is done by making sure the nameservers are pointed correctly.

If you purchased a new domain with your account, then your domain will automatically be configured to point to your hosting account and this step is already complete. If your new hosting account is for a domain you already have registered with another web host or domain registrar, then you will need to log into the account where your domain is registered and update the nameservers to point to Follow this article on How to Point DNS / Nameservers for more information on changing nameservers.


Logging In to cPanel (Billing)

From within your Billing account, you can always login to cPanel.

1. To login to billing go to:, and then enter the email and password you used at signup. You can also click Forgot? to reset this password.


2. Once logged in, click on your hosting package under Your Active Products/Services.


3.  Click Login to cPanel to be immediately logged into cPanel, or click Change Hosting Password to change your cPanel password. It's recommended to immediately change the cPanel password, you will need it to login directly to the cPanel outside of the billing account.



Also at the bottom of the screen you will see your Server Hostname as well as the hosting account/cPanel username. It's always suggested that you take note of the hostname, username, and the password you set above, when you need to login to cPanel via a direct link.



Logging In to cPanel (Direct Link)

To login to cPanel before DNS is pointed, go to:




**Note In the picture above, it would be or


To login to cPanel after your domain is pointed and propagated to our nameservers go to:




**Note When prompted for a username and password, you would provide the username and password you just gathered above.


Once you are logged in, you now have full access to your Create server and can install a website builder, create an email address, or work on any content that may have been migrated. Enjoy your new account!


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