Shell access, commonly referred to as SSH (Secure SHell), is remote command line access to a server. Having command line access (if you’re familiar with using it) can be very helpful. It can not only help you speed up certain tasks, but it also can give you secure file transfer and remote logins over the internet.


What is the Command Line?

The command line is an interface that allows you to perform tasks by running text based commands. Most users are more familiar with graphical user interfaces and not the command line interface. In a GUI (graphical user interface) such as cPanel’s File Manager, you can perform tasks by pointing and clicking. 


Do I need Shell Access?

For the majority of clients, shell access is not needed. Shell Access is generally required by our more advanced clients. Those clients are either familiar with the Linux command line and prefer to work this way.


How to Generate an SSH Key

If you decide to work through SSH please keep in mind that you will first need to generate a SSH Key. 

  1. Login to the cPanel that you want to connect to using SSH.
  2. Under Security click SSH Access.
  3. Click Manage SSH Keys.
  4. Then click Generate a New Key.
  5. Type in a strong password, then click in the field below it and type the password again.

  6. Click Generate Key, then you will see a Key Generation Complete! message.



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