How to connect via SSH using MobaXTerminal

When purchasing your account with cPanel, SSH is included in your service for free. You will need to download an SSH client in order to connect to your cPanel. While there are a variety of terminals you can use, this article covers connecting to your server using MobaXTerminal. This client is essentially the same as using it in Linux form but is tailored to be installed on Windows clients. 

To connect, you can start by downloading the client here:

Once you have downloaded the client, you will need to gather your cPanel username, cPanel password, and cPanel IP (Shared IP Address). You can gather this information by following these steps:

1) Go to

2) Login using your Google account, Facebook, or email and password depending on how you created your account. 

3) Once logged in, you will want to click on "Hosting" on the left menu.

4) Then you will click on "Login to cPanel".

5) From here you will gather your login information from the right hand side under "General Information".

After this information has been gathered, you can open MobaXTerminal and follow these steps to connect. There is 2 ways of connecting, you can single session connect and you can save your information to quick connect. 

1) To connect through MobaXTerminal Terminal.

  • Open Mobaxterminal.
  • Click "Start Local Terminal".
  • You will connect in the following format "ssh cPanelusername@cPanelIP".
  • Next you will be prompted to enter your cPanel Password. If you do not remember your password, you can follow these steps to reset it here.
  • Once you have entered your cPanel Password, you will be connected. 

2) To connect via Saved Session using MobaXTerminal.

  • Open MobaXTerminal.
  • In the top menu, click "Sessions".
  • Click "New Session".
  • Select "SSH".
  • In the "Remote Host" box, you will enter the cPanel IP (Shared IP Address).
  • You will need to select the box next to "Specify Username".
  • In the "Specify Username", you will enter your cPanel Username.
  • You will be prompted for the first time to enter the cPanel Password.
  • To connect again, you would just click "Sessions" in the top menu.
  • Go to "User Sessions" and you will see your saved login sessions to reconnect.


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