File Manager is the resource to access the file system behind your hosting account.  It allows you to view and upload files without the need for an FTP client.  From the top level, you will see a list of folders that will look like this:



To access your website files, go into the public_html or the shortcut www folder.

In this example, we'll be looking at an account with a brand new Wordpress installation.  The core WP files and folders are displayed in the main browser window with navigation and file management commands above.  


Warning: Always be sure to run backups before modifying anything in the file base.  Even then, only make modifications when needed.  A single wrong move could affect the uptime of your website.

The file management commands in the primary toolbar include the ability to upload files, create new folders, create blank html documents, edit, delete and rename files.  

To do a quick navigation jump to the document root, home directory or toggle the ability to view hidden files, click the settings icon in the upper right part of the window.




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