FTP (File Transfer Protocol) accounts are logins used to access an interface to create and manage your website’s files.  To create a new FTP account, click on FTP Accounts within the FILES section of cPanel:



When creating your new FTP, you'll enter a login username that will result in a username formatted like following example: mainuser@testdomain.io (Username @ Domain Name).  Be sure to use a complex password like the one the built-in Password Generator can provide.  

By default, the directory will be formatted as public_html/username, however if you want this login to access the document root of your hosting account, update the directory field to only say public_html.



Once created, you can use an FTP client like Filezilla to access, browse, move and modify your files.   

To change the password, change quota, delete or configure additional options, go to the bottom section of the page with the FTP Accounts header.





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