Acronis Backup is the preferred backup and restore solution for our customers. These backups are store remotely so you do not have to worry about disk space. You can easily and seamlessly create and restore full or partial backups at any time.  To access this powerful feature, go to Acronis Backup under the FILES section of your cPanel:



All of your available backups will be displayed in order by date.  Clicking on any of the available packages will allow you to download the backup to your computer, or perform a restore.




Clicking the Export the account button will generate and export a full backup of all files, databases, mailboxes and mailbox settings.




Then you have the ability to download or restore(recover) each individual part of your account separately. This includes Files, Databases, Mailboxes, and Mail Forwarders.




Restoring A File


When restoring files, you have six options:

  1. You can restore the entire account
  2. You can restore specific domain directories
  3. You can restore specific files
  4. You can restore specific databases
  5. You can restore an entire email account
  6. You can restore an email forwarder

Once you have selected what to restore from the available items, select Recover, and then Start Recovery:Screen_Shot_2021-11-10_at_1.50.27_PM.png


Checking Progress of A Restoration

When you have selected the type of restore you need, you can check the progress by clicking on the Recovery Operations log tab to see if the restore is in progress or has been completed:


NOTE: The 'Elapsed time' does not change in real time, and you will need to refresh the page within your browser to see an updated elapsed time. However, a green Success Bar will display without the need to refresh:Screen_Shot_2021-11-10_at_1.54.43_PM.png



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