The 404 error generally mean that the image or page that you are looking for could not be found. There are a few possibilities for what could be causing the 404 error, but the most common reason is that the file is in the wrong location or the URL is misspelled. The best thing to do is to check on the file that is giving you the 404 error in your cPanel File Manager to make sure that it is placed in the correct location and has the correct spelling. If you do not know where to look, you can check the URL of the page or image, and that will tell you where to start looking. 




In cases where the image shows as broken, then the best thing to do is login to your dashboard and re-upload the image to that page.  If a page is causing the 404 error, there are two common possibilities of what could fix this.  The first would be to go into you page editor and re publish the page. The second would be the check the Wordpress permalinks to make sure it matches the URL for the page. At times this get changed by a plugin trying to make page modifications.

In rare cases, a 404 error page can be caused by incorrect coding for the .htaccess file that can be found in the cPanel File Manager within the folder where your website's content is stored. This is usually caused when someone adds features to the website that have an an effect on all of the content, for example SEO plugins, cache plugins, or redirects. One option to fix this is to replace the file with a default one from whatever builder you are using. 



How to find the path of your file 


For webpages that gives you a 404 error page, you will need to look at the URL to see the path the page is calling to a specific file. In the example below, it shows you that you will need to go the folder name example and look for the file name example.php.

For images, you will to need right-click on the broken image and click on open image in new tab and this will open a new tab that will display in the address bar the URL for the image.


NOTE:In most cases, all URLs and file paths should be completely lowercase.

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