Softaculous is an instant "one-click" auto installer that allows you to install a plethora of different CMS (Content Management Systems) and programs you can use to build or manage your website. It's made to be a convenient and quick installation for any user, whether your a beginner or seasoned user.


To install a program from Softaculous you will need to first log into your cPanel and scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to the Softaculous Apps Installer section of icons.


The top row shows the most popular options that most users choose to install for their website. The bottom row shows you the categories for the entire list of programs that Softaculous has to offer.  Clicking on any of these option will take you to the corresponding  page that displays the programs related to that category. On the left hand side, you also have a toolbar that allows you to navigate the categories, including a search tool.


As an example we can show the 2-step process to installing a wordpress site. Once you have located the Wordpress icon from the cPanel page or in Softaculous it will give a description of the what it is, showing the version and release date of the latest update.  To the right off this it provides you a demo button, support link and the size of the software to be installed.


In cases that you are not too sure if the program that you are looking at is not the right one for you, you can click on Demo and it will open up a new tab that will first provide you log in credentials for the software then it will display the login page. With this you're able to test to see if the software meets your needs without fully downloading anything.

If you do decide that you would like to continue using the software, in this example Wordpress, go ahead and click Install. The following page will only ask you to confirm the administrative options such as the installation URL, site settings, and the username and password. Through Softaculous it also gives you a few other options such as the default language, plugin options, and available themes.


Lastly while in the Softaculous market place you have a few other navigation icons on the right hand side of the top tool bar that can help you manage your current installations.


  • The first icon cP is to go back to the cPanel home page.
  • The W is to mange any/all Wordpress installations.
  • The Play icon (the triangle) takes you the list of demos that allows you to interact with the available software.
  • The Star icon will take you to a list of software which will allow you to look at the ratings of anything listed.
  • The Box icon will take you to a page that displays all the current installations you have.
  • The Task List will show you the history of all your installations.
  • The Tool icon will allow you to edit the settings of Softaculous.
  • The Page icon will show you all backups and allows you to manage the available backups and restore anything done through the installation.
  • The Email icon has settings for changing where email notification go to for Softaculous.
  • The Import Installations icon allows you to connect any manual installations to Softaculous.
  • The Help & Support icon will provide a Q&A page for common questions.






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