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Managing your hosting packages is now easier than ever with your customer billing portal. Your customer portal not only allows you to manage invoices and domains, but you now have access to key management tools that vary depending on the hosting package. The following will be a guide to managing your hosting packages. When you first login to the customer portal portal, you'll see the dashboard home page. Click on the Hosting icon to the left to view all active hosting packages.


While on the Hosting tab, you will see all of the different hosting packages and be able to directly log into each of the respective administrative dashboards for each, or even order new hosting.


Once you click Manage on the desired package, you will be able to choose any of the administrative options available. The shared and reseller options for the most part will be the same, with the exception of the WHM access on the reseller package.

Reseller & Shared Hosting

Once on the management page you'll be able to see server data pertaining to the package you are on. There will also be shortcuts that give you access to do certain administrative tasks while logged into your portal. The tools shown here will always be directly linked to the primary domain of the cPanel or WHM of the hosting package you are managing. So if you need to make any direct changes to any sub accounts or add-on domains, you will need to login directly to the cPanel or WHM.


  • The Login to cPanel tab is linked directly to the primary domain of the package.
  • The Login to WHM tab is only for reseller packages to allow access to WHM, which is the administrative system for resellers to manage sub accounts.
  • Login to Webmail is as it sounds, a direct login to access the webmail. This link will allow you to log into any email account created in that package.
  • The Change Password tab will allow you to change the password for the WHM or cPanel you are managing.
  • Under the Upgrade/Downgrade tab you have access to upgrade or downgrade the package of the hosting server you choose.  If your on a Ruby reseller package, you can upgrade or downgrade to a Diamond or Sapphire package. But if you want to downgrade to a regular shared server you will be required to purchase the desired package and migrate to the new server as it's a completely different package type.
  • The Migrate Account tab is a new feature that is an automated migration system. This puts the power in your hands to expedite the migration and move your content at your own discretion.
  • The Migration Status tab is a tool that gives your real time updates for the migration in progress.

Wordpress Hosting

The Wordpress hosting dashboard is very encompassing with analytics and tools your able to use directly from the customer portal. After clicking the Wordpress icon on the left of your portal you'll be brought to the overall hosting page showing all of the current Wordpress installations as well as your package usage data.


Once you click Manage on the desired installation, the administrative tools will populate to allow you to edit, customize or review site analytics.


  • The Overview tab gives you general information on the size of the site contents, website details and visitor usage.
  • Cache Settings allows you to update your cache type, which by default will be set to Warp Speed (A feature specific to Wordpress Hosting). You can also clear the regular Wordpress cache or the integrated Cloudflare cache as well.
  • The Plugins tab gives you direct access to activate, disable, or delete any plugin which is convenient in the case that you don't have access to your actual Wordpress dashboard.
  • The Themes tab also allows you to activate, disable or delete any theme installed. If you want to search for new themes you will need to login directly to your dashboard.
  • The Updates tab gives you the option to set your plugins, themes, and site software to automatically update for any available major updates as they come available.
  • Staging is a new exciting feature that allows you to create a safe environment in which to work on your website. This will duplicate your live site or existing Wordpress installation and allow you to safely make changes which you can then publish back to your live site.
  • The Security tab is linked directly to Imunify 360, which allows you to scan your site content at anytime for malicious files. You also can enable the free SSL security certificate here for the associated domain.
  • Usage & Analytics gives you an in-depth view at your sites performance and resource usage as well  as your site visitor requests and bandwidth usage.
  • The Backups tab allows you to manually make a backup at anytime.
  • cPanel Tools is a list of shortcuts linked directly to the cPanel that gives you access to more administrative tools.

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