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Managing your billing account is very simple and convenient, and is organized into a one stop shop where everything is easily accessed. In the customer portal, you can not only manage your hosting accounts and domains, but pay and track all of your invoices. To login you would use your primary email address that was used to create the hosting package. 

How To Log In:



Once you have logged into the customer portal you will see your dashboard. Your dashboard will show all of the products and services you currently have in your account. You can access the billing tab by clicking the Billing icon located on the left in the column of administrative icons. 


While on the Billing page, you have access to view and manage all of the current and past Invoices. All of the invoices shown will be listed chronologically by default. That being said, you can use the search box in the top right hand corner to search by invoice number, due date, and the price of the invoice. Once you select the invoice needed you can view all of the detailed information needed and easily download it for your personal records.


Invoicing and Automatic Billing

To help prevent account suspension or lapse in your service, automatic billing is setup by default to assist you with staying on track with your payments. To activate automatic billing, you can check the box to save your credit card information whenever you check out or complete any payments, or you can access the Payment Methods tab located in the dropdown of administrative options in the top right hand corner under the account owner's name.


After you have selected the Payment Methods tab, you can view all of the credit cards that are currently saved to your account, or add a new card if none have been saved yet. Once you save the preferred credit/debit card on file, that card will be automatically charged with all of your new invoices and can be removed at any time you wish to pay manually. Invoices will be generated and paid early to prevent any downtime or lapse in your service. Once the invoice is generated, an email will be sent to the primary email address on file.

Hosting Packages: All invoices for hosting packages are created and emailed 14 days in advance, and paid out 5 days in advance.



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