How Can I Use an Existing Credit To Make A Purchase?

Account Credits

There are some instances in which you may have an account credit that you would like to use to make a purchase.


To use an account credit:

  • Select and add the new product to your Cart. (Ensure that you select the bubble next to Apply X Amount from my credit balance to this order.)
  • Select PayPal as the Payment Option if you do not current have a current PayPal Associated with the account.
    • *In the event that you do, please contact us directly, and we can apply the credit on your behalf.Shopping-Cart-Create-com-LLC.png
  • Once you have accepted the Terms of Service at the Bottom, click Checkout
  • On the next prompt, simply click cancel and return to as shown: Log-in-to-your-PayPal-account.png

Your new purchase has now been completed using your Account Credit!


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