How to Change your cPanel Password

If life catches up to you and you can't remember the Password to your cPanel, we have a couple of different ways you can reset the password yourself! If you're still having issues you can always reach out to our support team for assistance. The following article will walk you through each way to ensure you always have access to your server.


Billing Portal Reset

The easiest way for you reset you cPanel password is be resetting it in the customer billing portal. While logged in the billing portal you can create a new password without needing to know the old password.

  •  Once you are logged into the billing portal, look for the Hosting icon located in the navigation menu to the left:


  • Here on the Hosting page you'll have all of the hosting packages you have. Locate the hosting package you need to reset the password for, and click the Manage button:


  • After selecting Manage, you'll now see all of the admin options, quick shortcuts, and the actions menu which is where the Change Hosting Password  tab is located. Select the Change Hosting Password tab to continue:


  • You are now on the Change Hosting Password page, and have the option to create your own custom password, or generate a secured password.


Alternative Verification & Password Reset

If you ever are not able to log into the customer billing portal and you're still needing to change your cPanel password as well contact our Create live support via chat or telephone and we can assist. You can always fully verify your billing account with the 4-6 digit security pin you created, or by replying to an email to the primary email address of the billing account. Once you have verified your account we can assist in sending a password reset email.

For more information on managing the customer billing account and security visit Managing Account Users & Security.


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