Imunify 360 is a security software that is used to protect your website from malicious activities. This is a free service that is included in all reseller and shared IPO hosting plans. Imunify 360 has a large comprehensive  knowledge base of known malicious content, and an automated system that can search, clean and block these attackers from your website.  It will run daily scans of all your site content to see if there are any malicious files and quarantine them from the site.

The Imunify 360 is located in cPanel under the bar that reads SECURITY.


The page that loads will display any malicious files that Imunify 360 has found through out any of the files or folders pertaining to your site content hosted with us.  At anytime you're also able to start a manual scan by clicking on Start scanning and a bulk removal  by clicking on the button Clean up all.


The example above shows a file that it has found and the status of that file is Quarantined.  At this stage you have a few options on what to do with the files that have been discovered.  To the far right of the files your will see some icons and depending on the status of the file, the icons shown may vary.


  • The eye will let you see the contents of the file.
  • The brush is to clean the file of the malicious code while keeping a back up of the original file that can be restored.
  • The fish will restore the file back to its original location.
  • The gear will drop down two options; add to ignore list and delete permanently.
  • There is a time icon that will allow you to restore the content that has been removed.

There are more options on the top of the page that gives you more features of Imunify 360.


  • The first option Files is the home page we previously covered listing any malicious files that have been found.
  • The next option History, will show you the full history of the actions that have been taken through Imunify 360. 
  • The Ignore list is a page that allows to you to add files or directories to be ignored by Imunify 360 so it will not be scanned.
  • The Proactive Defense option is a page mainly used for PHP based attacks and how to manage it. An example of something that would be managed here is a script that's running on the site usually coming from a plugin (typically from Wordpress sites).
  • The two icons to the far right side of the tool bar are settings that will let you change the default action of Imunify 360 and a person icon to change the language.


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