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We provide a simple automated tool that can do the migration for you in your Customer Portal. Our migration tool will allow you to migrate your shared or reseller accounts from your current host, to your account with Below you'll find the steps needed for both the shared and reseller options.

To start this process for either type of account, you will need to log into and click on the Hosting tab on the left toolbar. Click Manage on the package where you would like us to move your content.  This will load a page that gives you an overview of the hosting package. On the left under Actions, select the Migrate Account option.




Shared Hosting

Now that you clicked on Migrate Account, it will take you to a page that ask you to select the destination account (the hosting package) that will serve as the final destination where you would like us to move your cPanel data. In this drop down menu, you should see all of your active accounts. Once you select the destination account, it will ask for the source account credentials.  This would be the server name, cPanel username, and cPanel password for your old hosting account.  Please be aware that this process will generate a backup on to your source account so you will need to make sure that your source cPanel has enough available disk space.  

You will also need to select shared account in the final drop down, and then click Next.


*** NOTE: If account exists on your account already, the migration tool will over write any current data during the migration. ***




When you click on Next, the migration will start, and provide a progress bar to show you each step in the migration.  Once the migration has been completed, it sends out an email and a 100% on the progress bar and a View Results! button.



Reseller Hosting

For reseller hosting, the first steps are the same as the shared accounts, however when you click Next, you'll be presented with an extra step which is to select your cpanel accounts you wish to migrate over.



Select the accounts you wish to migrate over, and select Next. Verify that everything is accurate, and select the Start Migration button to begin.



You will now s ee a progress bar for each account that you're migrating over. As mentioned above, once the migration is complete you will see a View Results! button which will allow you to view your site as is on our servers.

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