How to create a MySQL Database in cPanel

In this article we will be showing you how to create a MySQL database.  There are two options to create a database: MySQL Databases and MySQL Database Wizard.  The Wizard option is a much more simple option, and is highly recommended for anyone creating a database. We will be going through both options below.   


MySQL® Database Wizard


  • Enter a name for the database and then click Next Step, this will create the database.



  • Now we will need to create a username for that database with a password.



  • The Final step is to select what type of privileges to give to the MySQL user. In most cases  you will just select ALL PRIVILEGES.



MySQL® Databases


In this option you have more freedom of control over your database. You are able to delete or rename a database, delete a user from the database, or add multiple users to a single database. You are also able to change a MySQL user password, as well rename  or delete MySQL users. One last key feature is also the option to repair a database and fix any errors that show up.


  • First enter the name you want for the database and click Create Database



  • Then scroll down to Add New User to create a new user for that database with a password.



  • Now we need to add that user to the database and assign the privileges to the user. 



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