WHM: How to Create a New Account/cPanel


1. Log into your WHM 


2. Click on "Create a New Account" or search for it on the search tool on the left



3. Scroll down to the "Domain Information" box then enter the requested information. 



4. Select the package you want to use for the cPanel. For more information on packages click on this link



5. On the settings box we recommend to leave it as unless you want to removed some of the features.



6. For mail routing is best to use "Local Mail Exchanger" unless you do not plan on using Create for email service. 



7. On the DNS Settings box we recommend to leave it as. 



8. Click Create To complete the creation. 




Reasons Why it Could Fail

  • A cPanel already exist for the selected domain name.
  • Username already exist under an existing cPanel.
  • Allocated disk usage and bandwidth has reached the over all limit of the reseller package.
  • The selected package has reach the limit of uses per cPanel. 




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